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Browse our picks. Looking for something new to add to your Watchlist? See the full gallery. Massimo Torricelli, a young and handsome boss of a Sicilian Mafia family, has no other option but to take over after his father has been assassinated. Laura is a sales director in a luxurious hotel in Warsaw. She has a successful career, but her private life lacks passion. She is taking one last shot to save her relationship.

Together with her bone-headed boyfriend, Martin and some other friends, she takes a trip to Sicily. She does not expect that Massimo, the most dangerous man on the island, will get in her way, kidnap her, hold her captive and give her days - to fall in love with him. Written by Netflix. Sign In.

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fashion 365 days movie

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The 17 Best Fashion Movies to Watch

Alternate Versions. Rate This. Massimo is a member of the Sicilian Mafia family and Laura is a sales director. She does not expect that on a trip to Sicily trying to save her relationship, Massimo will kidnap her and give her days to fall in love with him.

Directors: Barbara BialowasTomasz Mandes. Added to Watchlist. Drama Movies Completed. Share this Rating Title: Days 3. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

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Laura Michele MorroneJust like how the storyline, dialogue, and production of a film are all important to create a hit movie, so is the fashion. Just like in real life, a character's clothes can share a lot about them and can also create some major fashion inspo as you're watching it. While some of the most best fashion movies are actually about the subject, there are still some special ones that have certainly left their mark in history thanks to the costumes and clothes that their characters are wearing, which have become iconic over the years.

So get ready to get some major fashion envy and probably get a strong itch to do some online shopping. These are the best fashion movies of all time The fashion movie to top them all, The Devil Wears Prada follows new Runway assistant, Andy, as she navigates the strange and crazy world that is fashion.

Not only does it help open the eyes of even the most cautious viewer who might be wondering why a film like this even exists, but it continues to be one of the best films about the industry ever made with powerhouse performances from a truly stellar cast. Watch It Now. Rebecca Bloomwood tries to turn her life around after being in huge debt due to her shopping addiction.

When she lands a job in a finance magazine, she soon realizes there is more to life than just shopping and tries to get her finances together before it's too late. Charlie, who has taken over his family shoe making business since his father's death, must find a way to save the factory. When he creates an unlikely friendship with local drag queen, Lola, the two work together to create shoes for drag queens and bring new customers to Charlie's family business.

Cher Hororwitz is the queen bee at her school, but things soon turn upside down after she gives the new girl a makeover and realizes how different things are when she's not on top.

The movie's fashion is super iconic and continues to inspire people today. Sorority girl Elle Woods heads off to law school in hopes of getting her ex-boyfriend back, but soon finds herself falling in love with her new career and finds out her skill as a lawyer despite what others think.

A revered couture fashion designer falls in love with his new muse, but their relationship soon goes through several ups and downs as they get closer and closer. Model Derek Zoolander returns to the fashion world in hopes of working with designer, Jacobim Mugatu, but instead is used by him to try to take down the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Fashion assistant Helen Harris's life completely changes after the death of her sister and brother-in-law leaves her with sole custody for their three children, requiring her to become a mom for the first time in her life despite her crazy lifestyle. Carrie Bradshaw is living the dream in New York City along with her best friends. However, when she is left in the alter by the man she loves, she must learn how to love the city that she's lived in her entire life again. A group of women come together to steal an expensive necklace at one of New York City's most prestigious events: the Met Gala.

Rachel Chu must learn how to navigate the harsh and lavish lifestyle in Singapore while meeting her boyfriend's family for the first time. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The Devil Wears Prada. Confessions of a Shopaholic.Massimo is a member of the Sicilian Mafia family and Laura is a sales director. She does not expect that on a trip to Sicily trying to save her relationship, Massimo will kidnap her and give her days to fall in love with him.

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For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Get the IMDb app. Before he got the script of this move, Michele Morrone had given up on his film and television career and was newly divorced, broke, severely depressed and working as a gardener in a tiny northern Italian village. After five months toiling alongside cows and chickens, he got a call from his agent that a team of Polish filmmakers wanted to offer him the lead role of an Italian mafia boss in this film.

Morrone said he called his gardening boss and said, 'I'm not coming in today.

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My stomach doesn't feel good,' and boarded a plane to Poland. He has since achieved worldwide stardom and fame after the release of this film and now scripts are flowing in. Browse our picks. Check out our gallery of the Golden Globe nominees in the leading and supporting acting categories, as the characters they so brilliantly played and in real life.

See the full gallery. Sign In. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Added to Watchlist. Critic Reviews. Michele Morrone. Bronislaw Wroclawski. Otar Saralidze. Magdalena Lamparska. Natasza Urbanska. Grazyna Szapolowska. Tomasz Stockinger. Gianni Parisi. Mateusz Lasowski. Agnieszka Warchulska. Przemyslaw Sadowski. Michal Mikolajczak. Andrea Batti. Mateusz Grydlik. Directors: Barbara BialowasTomasz Mandes.

Facebook Twitter E-mail. Awards Bottom Rated Movies I honestly can't believe this is an actual movie and number 1 on Netflix in my country.

Did You Know? Trivia Before he got the script of this move, Michele Morrone had given up on his film and television career and was newly divorced, broke, severely depressed and working as a gardener in a tiny northern Italian village.The film was released theatrically in Poland on 7 February and was later made available on Netflix on 7 June[5] quickly gaining global attention.

The film however received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics, who heavily criticized its softcore themes and sexual violence. After a meeting between the Torricelli Sicilian Mafia crime family and black market dealers, Massimo Torricelli watches a beautiful woman on a beach.

Then, Massimo and his father, leader of the Sicilian Mafia family, were both shot by the dealers; Massimo survives while his father dies from his injuries. Five years later, Massimo is now the leader of the Torricelli crime family. In Warsaw, Laura Biel, a fiery executive, is unhappy in her relationship with her boyfriend Martin. Laura celebrates her 29th birthday in Italy but after Martin embarrasses her, she goes for a walk and runs into Massimo, who kidnaps her. At his villa, Massimo reveals to Laura that she was the woman at the beach five years ago and that when he was injured, all he could think about was her.

After searching for years and finally spotting her, he had to have her and intends to keep her as a prisoner for days until she falls in love with him. He also promises her that he will not touch her without her consent, whilst simultaneously having his hands around her throat and touching her.

When she tries to escape, he does not let her leave. As they spend time together, Laura teases him and then refuses to have sex with him. However, she slowly starts to get him to open up about his personal life. At a hotel in Romeshe teases him again and he cuffs her to the bed. She is forced to watch Massimo receive oral sex from another woman. Afterward, she appears to want to give in. However, he stops, releases her, and orders her to get dressed for a club.

At the club, Laura flaunts herself for Massimo and his friends, angering him. When she begins to flirt with a man from the rival mafia family, the man gropes her against her will. Massimo and the others draw their weapons while Laura is taken out of the club. The following morning, she awakens on a yacht to Massimo and his fellow mafioso, Mario, arguing.

fashion 365 days movie

During the night, Massimo shot the man's hand who had groped Laura, inciting a mafia war between the two families. Laura attempts to apologize, but Massimo blames her for the incident. As they argue, Laura falls into the water and starts to panic. Massimo jumps in to save her. When she awakens, he admits he was scared she might not make it and does not want to lose her. They make love on the yacht.

Massimo allows Laura to visit her family in Warsaw.Sign In. Hide Spoilers. A Nubile Professional johan-nader 4 July Laura is a young, upwardly mobile sales professional finally ready to invest in herself and settle down - but first there is a planned trip.

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But when the plans fall through, she is forced to keep a man's dream alive first - even if it means keeping her boyfriend and her immediate future at bay. What i liked is she is open-minded and can be persuaded. But will she remain persuaded? You have to watch to know. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. This was definitely NOT a 1 star movie, in fact, it wasn't half as bad as I was expecting it to be. Glitz, glamor, mafia, sex, pop music, murders, sexual dynamics, and high livin'.

The only downer for me was the constant insertion of those crazy pop songs in nearly every scene. If I want to watch music videos I can go to Youtube for that. Can't people write scores with strings and pianos anymore? Also, I'm not prude, but the love scenes between the lead characters were veering into pornhub territory as they went on and on and on.

Very sad ending. I thought it would be Massimo dying in the gang war, but instead, it was Laura at her happiest. Pregnant, anxious, and planning her wedding--with her best friend in town. You are watching this movie wrong murilovidal 14 June He kidnaps her and gives her a deadline of one year to fall in love with him.

Despite the rough introduction, she eventually gives in to his charms and falls in love with him. The central core of the movie is domination, or how the male protagonist uses his raw masculinity to completely overwhelm the girl until she eventually gives in to her lust, so, this movie is a very obvious copycat of 50 Shades of Grey.

Now, this movie isn't exactly bad. It's not good either, mind you, but once you understand why it was made in the first place, you can at least understand its motivation. There are two ways of looking at this film: 1. You try to look at this movie at a normal light, and you immediately notice one thing: it draws a lot of inspiration from 50 Shades of Grey, but it adds a completely ludicrous kidnapping scenario. It's like if 50 Shades collided at very high speeds with Beauty and the Beast, then someone filmed the tragic, messy aftermath and sold it as a movie.Need a break from your humdrum routine?

Want to escape into a beautiful, glittering land of glitz and glamour? Hey, we feel you on that one. Whether you want to brush up on some history with Yves Saint Laurentwatch as Anne Hathaway 's Andy tries to impress her infamous boss Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Pradaor have some laughs with Zoolanderthere are plenty of fashion movies to add to your queue.

Isaac was BFFs with the hottest supermodels of the time, including a baby Kate Moss, and they all make appearances in the movie. The star of this documentary, designer Raf Simons, recently left the house of Dior, where he reigned as head designer for almost four years.

He has served at Vogue as the editor-at-large, spent time at Andy Warhol's Factory, and was even a guest judge on America's Next Top Model for a few years.

This film also explores how the luminary put a spotlight on more African-American designers and models in the fashion industry.

This documentary takes you through the doors of the offices and gives you full access to Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and those glorious, glorious clothes. Bill had very strict ideas about the fashion world in general, and this documentary shows just how influential he was in that world. Audrey plays a bookshop clerk named Jo who is discovered by photographer Dick Avery played by Fred Astaire and based on famous fashion photog Richard Avedon and becomes a modeling sensation for Quality magazine.

Despite her misgivings about the fashion world, Jo flies to Paris with Dick and finds both herself and a true love. Everyone loves the kooky, maximalist style of Iris Apfel, the year-old star of this documentary by the Maysles brothers.

fashion 365 days movie

Iris has never been anybody but herself, which is the point of this entire documentary. In this horror movie, Elle Fanning plays Jesse, a young model who moves to Los Angeles, only to find herself lost in a cutthroat, often scary world of fashion, beauty, and style with a serious dark side. The people around her are obsessed with her youth, and Jesse learns to defend herself against the evils of the industry in more ways than one. Laurent was just 21 when he took over as head designer of the House of Dior in Bergdorf Goodman is a New York institution.

The grande dame of department stores has a legendary history, and this adorable documentary takes you through its glamorous history via the perspective of its employees and the designers and celebrities who love it.

fashion 365 days movie

Photo: 20th Century Fox Film Corp. Courtesy Everett Collection. Photo: Courtesy of YouTube. Like us on Facebook to stay in the know! Keywords movies fashion.Coronavirus pandemic has been really tough to survive. But thanks to Netflix and its amazing content. Are you up for it? Time and again, we see them going shirtless on social media. Fans drooling all over again. He wore a blue denim shirt and left the buttons across his chest open.

It was quite the teaser that his fans crave for. The actor was dripping wet and his messy hair made him appear nothing but hot. A similar look was donned by Michele Morrone. Michele Morrone posed on a table.

The Days actor ensured his biceps would be visible through his tight-fitting shirt with folded sleeves. He looked away from the camera, but his sultry expressions were enough to sway his fan base.

Michele kept his look simple with tidy hair and a watch. Moving on the formals… This time, Morrone left no stones unturned to turn up the heat. He was seen wearing an unbuttoned white shirt, black trousers. Completing his raunchy look was an untied tie. He was posing in front of a mirror, ensuring fans get the best of his both halves! A plain long gold chain completed his look really well.

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Taylor Zakhar Perez too flaunted his perfect body in a stylish way. He wore a white shirt and appeared to be getting read with his collar up while captured.

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Navy blue trousers with a belt completed his neat look. This time, The Kissing Booth actor maintained a tidy slicked back hair avatar. Well, this one has been really tough for us to decide. But who won your heart — Team Taylor or Michele Morrone?

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